Recently I found myself in Port Angeles, a moderately sized city on the north end of Washington’s peninsula. In between a cobbled-together lunch at Safeway and the search for a bathroom, I stumbled upon a Marine Science Center near the waterfront. I can’t resist an aquarium no matter where I am and it only took a few minutes to convince my wife to come inside with me.

Out front was a large Octopus, his tentacles draped welcomingly over the ‘Feiro Marine Life Center’ sign.  Within was a plethora of well-cared for marine life, tidepool touch tanks, and aquariums with specimens from all over the Puget Sound. Of particular note was their new live octopus, a nearly 3-pound female, who is estimated to be around 2 years old.

The entire trip was inspiring but the visit to Feiro was the high point.

Port Angeles, I’ll see you soon. Next time, I’m bringing a microphone!

Keep Swimming!