Dock Report, 12/21/2018

While every day in Edmonds is a joy, the special atmosphere around Christmas renders the same visit magical. The shops on Main Street have many wares to sample, and tourists in a rainbow of thick winter coats pass by as you shop. At night the crowds disperse and thousands of Christmas Lights dot the darkened town. The docks are the same, even down to the twinkling lights that adorn the sailboats.

The denizens that call the frigid water home have their own bits of twinkling light, if you look right. Take a flashlight down to the docks at a low tide and scan around in the water. You never know what you’ll find. Tonight, I was treated to a visit from the mascot of Aquacast, a Spotted Ratfish! We’ve covered this species before, but to see one so close was a real treat. Pictures after the break!

True to stories told by divers, this lovely creature was very curious about myself and my companion. In no hurry, the two-foot fish spent several minutes swimming lazily in and out of the beam of my flashlight, quite content to observe us observing it. Coming to the surface more than a few times, the 2-foot fish even went so far as to inspect my hand, when I placed it in the water., nudging me with his sensitive snout.  When his inspections were through, he lived up to his other name, the Ghost Shark, and disappeared under the docks.

Keep Swimming,

-The Bald Fish Guy


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