Issaquah Salmon Days

This last weekend was dominated by a trip to Issaquah, a little town outside of Bellevue, WA. Every year, coinciding with the the return of the Salmon from their long journey to the ocean, a festival is held called “Salmon Days.”I was fortunate enough to be able to visit this festival and experience an entire town dedicated to the return of these fascinating fish.


Salmon days was filled with people from all walks of life, all drawn there by the promise of community and the chance to see the salmon. The entire town seemed to have come out of hiding, all to crowd into downtown Issaquah to shop, learn, and socialize. Merchants held court with the interested passerby, selling their salmon and northwest-themed inventories. Salmon were everywhere, on the signs of the merchants, the shirts of the revelers, and even on the lips of people I passed. Everywhere, people were excited for the return of the salmon, one of our planets most curious fish.

Salmon days got me very interested in these neat fish, and I believe you’ll be hearing an episode about them in the very near future! I also had the opportunity to interact with people who work within the world of ecology and I hope to be able to add interviews into the show lineup very soon, so stay tuned and keep swimming!


P.S.: Learn more about Issaquah Fish Days here!

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