Late afternoon sunlight

The Puget Sound is such an amazing place to live, and every once in awhile the beauty of our land slaps you in the proverbial face and leaves one breathless. Today, on one of my many walks along the docks this week, I happened to be fortunate enough to catch a lovely shot of the sun shining over our beloved waters.

Copyright 2018 Ryan Crabtree

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what most people love about this place when you spend most of your days focused under the waves. Take a moment to step away from your concerns for a moment to appreciate the beauty of where we live. The more we love the land we inhabit, the more likely we will take steps to save it.

Pick up some trash, ride the bus, shop locally grown produce and decline plastic packaging at every opportunity, so that this same world will be here to pass on to our children when the time comes.


Keep swimming.

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