Padilla Bay, WA

Yesterday I had the opportunity to travel to Padilla Bay, near Anacortes WA.

TheĀ Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve is an excellent educational facility focusing on the massive Estuary that is Padilla Bay.

Padilla Bay itself is a very large area of very shallow water, so shallow that with the coming and going of the tide each day, the water recedes, leaving the entire bay a giant mud-flat filled with silt carried in from the Skagit River. The result is an area called an intertidal zone, where the water recedes and returns every day. Large Eelgrass meadows have grown here creating homes for many species of aquatic creatures. Baby Salmon, crab, perch, and herring all grow here, feeding on many types of invertebrates, which in turn grow up and feed eagles, otters, herons, and even us humans.

I highly recommend checking out the Research Center’s webpage by clicking on the link above where you can learn more about the beautiful, delicate wonder of nature that is Padilla Bay.

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