Summer in the Salish Sea

Hello my fellow swimmers, and I apologize for the delay in this post!

The summer has been a warm one here in the Pacific Northwest, and many have taken the time to go and visit the beaches in our lovely land! I have recently joined up with a group of volunteers who’ve taken it upon themselves to educate others and provide manpower for citizen science initiatives that help to improve our understanding and ability to care for the waterways we all know and love. Training was a long, fascinating series of university level classes that involved speaking to experts from across the sound from a myriad of different fields. If you want to give back to the Sailsh Sea, spend a lot of time near the water, and meet a group of amazing people, please come check us out!

Beach Watchers

I will post in followup posts some of the adventures we all get into, so look forward to it! Here’s hoping we get to see you all on the beach.

Keep swimming.


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