Nights at the Port of Edmonds are one of my favorite experiences. I enjoy walking along the dock, listening to the marine winds blow through the rigging of moored sailboats, and peering into the waters below to watch the local fauna exist. From crabs scrounging for scraps, to anemones waving in the current, to mussels filtering the particulates out of the water, the area is a treasure trove of life.

My most recent foray on the pier found me at the guest docks, looking into the waters at an extremely low tide. Fish darted in and out of the rocks, there were crabs harassing each other, and most surprisingly, Sea Stars. Cruising among the rocks were many Sea Stars.

I was elated! To know that there are survivors of the Sea Star Wasting syndrome at my local hangout was very heartening. They were large, orange creatures that were scouring the rocks, their 5 limbs probing for interesting creatures to eat.

The Sea Stars have survived, bruised, but not beaten. I wonder what the consequences of the Wasting Disease will be. Hopefully, Sea Stars will recover quickly. I personally will be rooting for them. And, like myself and my readers, I will ever hope for their ability to Keep Swimming.

-The Bald Fish Guy